Remembering the Dead

This topic can be, unsuprisingly, very emotive. It is an issue that can pop up and surprise us at any time, sometimes years after a death. It is emotive for a variety of reasons and individual to us all. Whatever emotions surface when remembering those who have died, sitting with feelings alone can be hard, sharing them with others harder still. Death can create a time in life to finally look at feelings towards the deceased and therapy is safe place where feelings that can seem wrong to voice, because death has occured, can be voiced. For you it may be innapropriate to talk openly about memories and feelings with family and friends, or perhaps it might be appropriate for you but a struggle to work out how to go about speaking openly and share.

A part of working with grief in therapy is to remember the dead and to have support for the emotions that have been produced in response to death. Triggers for some people can be significant dates or family occasions. Therapy can help you produce proactive coping methods for such moments so that you are prepared and deal with/honour the memory of the deceased in a way that is appropriate to you. 

Grief counselling is often focussed work over twelve sessions (which can be extended if needed), giving you space to be understood, to share and be supported.