Grieving for a companion pet

When a pet dies the griever often starts to express themselves with ‘I know it’s just a pet but…”. This often used statement shows how difficult it can be to acknowledge the emotional relationship built between owner and pet. A pet is a member of the family; people are members of its pack. When a pet is no longer there a gap is left behind. Also, as with the death of a person, the death of a pet can raise various issues including some that have been long carried but never expressed.


Often end of life care for a pet involves making a difficult decision with a vet and sometimes death comes without making this choice. Either way, it is often a great loss. Grieving for a pet can bring conflicting feelings about the pain felt when the pet dies and a safe place to share and grieve can be difficult to find. Counselling provides a space where the pet owner can express emotions and thoughts in the knowledge that their grief will not be minimised or frowned upon. Rather the grief will be treated with the respect it deserves.



If you are interested in knowing more or have any questions on how I can support you through counselling on the death of a pet, please contact me via the links below.