Anxiety, a short introduction

Anxiety is a normal experience and part of what it means to be human. Most people at some point in their life will have moments of high anxiety that offers an intense and perhaps overwhelming experience. It may be explosive and become a panic attack or seep into depression, for others it will be like carrying a frightening burden. Since we tend to inform our future thoughts based on past experience, anxiety may feel like the new norm, particularly when anxiety revisits us on our life journey. Anxiety often comes into play when the comfort zone no longer seems enough but the change outside of this zone is unsettling and to some extent unknown.

In therapy you get the chance to build an understanding as we begin to work on anxiety. It is a process that is individual to everyone, though for most people the work takes place on two levels. The first level is one of gaining insight into anxiety whilst learning tools that support you through these episodes. Some clients will want to move into another level of work which involves looking at and discovering their triggers for anxiety, and for some clients it will be a mixture of the two.

Anxiety can be thought of as influencing four areas of being: thoughts, feelings, the physical body and behaviour. These four areas are dynamic with each other; if one has a shift the others have a shift in response. In your therapy sessions with me, I support your chipping away at anxiety within these four areas.


If you are interested in learning more about anxiety and how I can help, please do contact me. Sessions are available in person or by skype.